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The cover and cover blurbs for "Don't Quit Your Day Job: The Adventures of a Midlist Author" are posted on Amazon now. The book's release date is Sept. 4, 2018.

An update after a lengthy hiatus from this site. The "Trial By Mob" radio play has been broadcast on KVSC FM, the public station at St. Cloud State University. I can be accessed on the station website, and I've been told it is available for broadcast by other university/​public radio stations.

Also, the book, "The Lynchings in Duluth," has a new edition with several upgrades, including a new preface. Aliases have also been eliminated from this edition and the press has added a supplemental reading list regarding the Duluth incident and other books dealing with race issues and violence. The Clayton, Jackson, McGhie Committee in Duluth, MN, continues the annual commemoration of the event on June 15, the anniversary of the hangings. The committee has a website that will be announcing the program for this year's memorial.

On quite a different note, I will be the speaker for this year's Northeast Minnesota Book Awards on May 27 at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. I'll post more on this later, and expect to also post the speech titled "Adventures of a Mid-list Author."

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New book published on Sept. 4

August 29, 2018

Tags: Readings and signings scheduled

Events have been scheduled in advance of the September 4 publication date of my new book, Donít Quit Your Day Job: The Adventures of a Midlist Author. The official release of the book will take place on Sept. 16 in Duluth, Minnesota at the Bookstore at Fitgers, downtown. From 2 PM until 3:30 Iíll conduct a (more…)

Don't Quit Your Day Job

February 1, 2018

Tags: An author reflects on a career as a midlist author

In July, 2016 I was the keynote speaker at the Northeast Minnesota Book Awards, and my address was titled "Adventures of a Midlist Author," an anecdote-rich summation of my writing career, sans best-selling books. I've now added to that speech, and the result is a full memoir, along with a sprinkling of advice for aspiring (more…)

Writers Discipline

November 8, 2017

Tags: A writers most important virtue

A Writer's Discipline

As a writer and former teacher of writing, Iíve often been asked what a writerís most important virtue would be. The answer is simple: discipline. Many talented writers have never published, but writers not blessed with brilliance publish because they are determined to write something every day or every (more…)

Let's Hear it for the Eccentrics

December 31, 2016

Tags: I've learned that the absence of anything resembling a bestseller in my resume may be due to my lack of idiosyncrasies.

Letís Hear It for the Eccentrics

After more than 40 years of toiling at the writerís trade with only middling success, Iíve learned that the absence of anything resembling a bestseller on my rťsumť may be due to my lack of idiosyncrasies. Caprices seem to be inherent with people who have (more…)

Adventures of a Midlist Author

July 31, 2016

Tags: I've never written anything approximating a best-seller

Adventures of a Midlist Author

As a writer of more than 50 years experience, I have never written anything approximating a best-seller. Only three of my nine published books have earned back their advance. And only one of those advances has reached five figures. The advertising support Iíve received from publishers has been minimal. (more…)

A Biographer Reflects on Garrison Keillor's Retirement

July 31, 2016

Tags: "He brung happiness to millions

A biographer reflects on Garrison Keillorís retirement
By Michael Fedo | 07/29/16

During the last month Iíve frequently been asked to comment on Garrison Keillor retiring after more than four decades with National Public Radioís ďA Prairie Home Companion.Ē This isnít surprising, since nearly 30 years ago I published an unauthorized biography of (more…)

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April 8, 2014

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Some updates regarding "Zenith City: Stories from Duluth. At noon on Saturday, April 12 I'll be Stan Turner's guest on KLBB AM. You may listen to the hour-long discussion online. On the 14th, two appearances in Duluth: 1 PM at Lake Superior College, and 4 PM at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. On April 16, a reading and (more…)

Selected Works

"This slender volume is an exercise in humor writing of a kind one rarely finds these days." Omaha World-Herald. From the beginning the book is chock full of laughs and chuckles, which I attribute to Fedo's gifted creativity in his use of words and word pictures." Star Astrologer Books 5 Stars "This book is non-stop laughs!" Huntress Reviews "(Fedo) has written a madcap honey." Dave Wood, syndicated book columnist "(Fedo) has a sharp eye for humor and parody. . . . He gives us a number of comical debacles, amnd some wonderfjul Dickensian caricature." Whistling Shade
"A memoir, with a smattering of local history, Fedoís collection will engage any reader with his fond and frank reminiscences of family life combined with vivid recollections of his native Duluth as it once was and, in many ways, still is. Thoroughly enjoyable." -- Jim Heffernan, author of Cooler Near the Lake: Fifty-two Favorites from Thirty-four Years of Deadlines
by Henry Wood, as told to Michael Fedo
A glimpse into a forgotten era of popular entertainment.
The story of the June 15, 1920 lynching of three black men in Duluth, Minnesota.

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