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The Lynchings in Duluth

"This account of racial violence in the early twentieth century is a genuinely startling and illuminating contribution to our understanding of racial justice in the United States in the twenty-first. Many Americans have found it convenient to think that episodes like this come only from the Jim Crow-era Deep South. The Lynchings in Duluth is a powerful reminder of the broader American pattern." James Fallows, The Atlantic


"A chilling reconstruction of a racial tragedy . . .Combing hour-by-hour, day-by-day narrative with expert scholarship based on interviews, suppressed documents and news reports, Fedo skillfully portrays Northern prejudice and violence. Without preaching or condemning, he makes readers firsthand witnesses to fear and injustice." --Los Angeles Times

"The tense book punches out a story of devastating fury. . . . Fedo has put his sharpest reportorial skills to work in resurrecting a little known racial atrocity. . . . As pointed as a Klansman’s cap, this book conveys the horror of mob action -- and the disturbing truth that it knows no region."--Milwaukee Journal

"(Fedo’s) book is a painstaking, sober account of the events surrounding the lynchings. . . . What is so chilling, as Fedo shows in his reconstruction of events, is that events happened so quickly . . . . and at a time when there was no television and the automobile and radio were in their infancy, a crowd estimated between 5,000, and 10,000 people gathered, stormed the jail, and took three young men.. . ."--Minneapolis Star Tribune